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Kerry appearing at the 15th annual Library of Congress National Book Festival, the Washington Convention Center



Kerry signing books at the 15th annual Library of Congress National Book Festival, the Washington Convention Center








Kerry signing books at the 15th annual Library of Congress National Book Festival, the Washington Convention Center













Don’t let the “Dummies” brand deter you from giving this book to someone. It’s full of smart advice.”-Michelle Singletary, nationally syndicated columnist, The Washington Post.Your guide to navigating today’s workplace and snagging that perfect job

Whether you’re searching for a new job by choice or necessity, consider this book your life raft. You’ll find all the resources you need to job-hunt—from building an online presence and revitalizing your résumé to negotiating a salary and landing that job!

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Getting the Job You Want After 50 For Dummies

September 16, 2015

Hoboken, N.J.

Wiley and AARP Release Getting the Job You Want After 50 For Dummies

Wiley and AARP today announce Getting the Job You Want After 50 For Dummies® (Wiley, 978-1-119-02284-8, August 2015, US $22.99) by AARP Jobs Expert Kerry Hannon.  More Americans are remaining in the workforce after age 50, and this book will provide readers with resources needed to update their resumes, give great interviews and help snag jobs in areas they are passionate about.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the percentage of workers ages 50+ will increase from 19.5 percent to 25.2 percent of the labor force from 2010 to 2020 — a growth rate greater than any other working age group. Encore careers have become an interest to a growing number of Americans. Currently, more than 40 million Americans are either involved in or considering an encore career. Whether searching for a new career by choice or necessity, AARP’s Getting the Job You Want After 50 For Dummieswill serve as a useful guide for those seeking a career after 50.

Hannon, a nationally-recognized authority on career transitions and retirement, said:  “­In Getting the Job You Want After 50 For Dummies, I help 50-plus workers shift their attitude about job hunting from apprehension to one of hope and possibility and show a few simple ways to rev up the job-search mojo to today’s new workplace reality.”

Wiley’s AARP-branded titles fulfill the AARP promise of providing people 50+ with the know-how to accomplish a task while offering insight on how the new knowledge fosters lifelong growth and improves quality of life. These titles contain examples, ideas, and human interest stories, as well as useful take-away skills that inspire and empower the 50+ reader and enhance and reinforce AARP’s role as a “trusted advisor.”

AARP’s Getting the Job You Want After 50 For Dummiesis now available for purchase online and at retailers nationwide in both print and all e-book formats. For a full list of retailers, visit To request a review copy or author interview, contact Chantal Kowalski at


About the author:

Kerry Hannon is a nationally recognized authority on career transitions and retirement, a frequent TV and radio commentator, and author of numerous books, including Love Your Job (Wiley/AARP), What’s Next? (Berkley Trade/AARP), and Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ (Wiley/AARP). Hannon is AARP’s Jobs Expert and a regular contributor to The New York Times, Forbes, and Money magazine.


About For Dummies®

After 20 years, more than 250 million copies printed, and millions of e-books downloaded, For Dummies is the world’s bestselling reference series, well known for enriching people’s lives by making knowledge accessible in a fun and easy way. Loyal customers around the globe agree that For Dummies is “more than a publishing phenomenon…[it is] a sign of the times,” [The New York Times]. With more than 1,800 active topics covering everything from health to history, music to math, sports to self-help, technology to travel, For Dummies is dedicated to Making Everything Easier. The For Dummies brand presence continues to expand wherever there is a need to know, including mobile apps, e-learning courses, a corporate custom publishing program, a robust consumer website, and a licensed product line that includes consumer electronics, culinary, crafts, video, software, musical instrument packs, home improvement, automotive, game, and more. For more information, visit For Dummies is a branded imprint of Wiley.
About AARP

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization, with a membership of nearly 38 million, that helps people turn their goals and dreams into real possibilities, strengthens communities and fights for the issues that matter most to families such as healthcare, employment and income security, retirement planning, affordable utilities and protection from financial abuse. We advocate for individuals in the marketplace by selecting products and services of high quality and value to carry the AARP name as well as help our members obtain discounts on a wide range of products, travel, and services. A trusted source for lifestyle tips, news and educational information, AARP produces AARP The Magazine, the world’s largest circulation magazine; AARP Bulletin;; AARP TV & Radio; AARP Books; and AARP en Español, a Spanish-language website addressing the interests and needs of Hispanics. AARP does not endorse candidates for public office or make contributions to political campaigns or candidates. The AARP Foundation is an affiliated charity that provides security, protection, and empowerment to older persons in need with support from thousands of volunteers, donors, and sponsors. AARP has staffed offices in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Learn more at

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Yes, it is possible to have a job you love, and it doesn’t require starting from scratch. Love Your Job is a guide to making work fulfilling and fun – again, or even for the first time. Why count down the hours of the day or the days to retirement when you could reinvigorate your workday, transforming the daily doldrums into a daily dose of enjoyable activity? Kerry Hannon, The New York Times columnist and AARP’s Jobs Expert, focuses on the little things that can make a big difference in how we feel about work.

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HOBOKEN, NJ–(Marketwired – March 03, 2015) –

Kerry Hannon unlocks the secrets to finding true career happiness in this smart, practical, and entertainingly written guide. Finding passion, value, and genuine satisfaction in the job you do is rare yet eminently desirable-and obtainable, as Hannon shows. Another first-rate effort from one of the top personal finance journalists in the field.” -Diane Harris, Editor, MONEY Magazine/

“I love the job Kerry Hannon did writing this excellent, practical book. As a noted authority on work and careers, she knows exactly what the rest of us need to do to become more fulfilled at our jobs. Take her advice and I’m confident you’ll get more out of work and more out of life.”Richard Eisenberg, Assistant Managing Editor,

here are few things as important as having a career that makes you happy when it comes to excelling in life and succeeding in your chosen field. Most adults spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else.

But less than one-third of employees in the United States feel engaged at work, according to a report by Gallup. Around the world, across 142 countries, the proportion of employees who feel engaged at work is just 13 percent. That’s discouraging. But you don’t have to be one of them.

“When you lose pride in what you do, your health, your personal relationships, and your sense of self‐worth begin to diminish,” says author Kerry Hannon, columnist and writer for Forbes, New York Times and Money magazine amongst others.

Something has got to change. To paraphrase the old adage, life’s too short to be unhappy. This is exactly the mission Hannon goes after, and it’s the pervasive problem she aims to resolve in her new book, Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness (ISBN: 978-1-118-89806-2, Wiley, March 2015).

According to Kerry, “You can fall back in love with your job again, even if you’ve been doing it for decades. This book is about finding ways to discover real joy in your job right now. The path to promotion is not always there, or at least not clear. Or you feel like you’re trapped in a dead‐end job. Quitting is generally not a good option, unless you already have a new position lined up elsewhere, or you already have the means to retire — in which case, lucky you.”

Love Your Job is about making your current work more engaging, more productive and ultimately more enjoyable. “This book addresses the common reasons people feel discontented with their work and helps them overcome these issues by thinking more entrepreneurially, having ‘that talk’ with their manager, making a sideways move within their company or discovering value and meaning in their work,” says Kerry.

Hannon taps into the routines, habits, and thought patterns that, over the years, may have turned a dream job into a drudge or, worse, a nightmare. The author’s assignment for the reader is clear. Make a plan. Define what will make your own career path successful for you. It might be a more flexible work arrangement, a sweet salary bump, or a challenging new assignment. The core message: You can turn it around and rebound from your malaise or a grim work environment.

Love Your Job is about solutions. Kerry shows you how to identify the little and big things that make your work satisfying. She gives precise techniques you can adopt that will lead to bigger and better things — regardless of your age or career stage. In this book, you will learn to:

  • Develop new habits that bring more purpose into every single workday
  • Rekindle your hope and motivation by celebrating small successes
  • Recognize negative patterns that keep you from enjoying your job
  • Craft an entrepreneurial attitude that will get you noticed and enrich your work life

Love Your Job is a guide to making work fulfilling and fun again, or even for the first time. Why count down your working hours when it’s possible to reinvigorate and, transform the daily doldrums into gratifying, meaningful and productive activity?

About the Author

Kerry Hannon is a nationally recognized authority on career transitions and retirement and a frequent TV and radio commentator who speaks about and offers advice on career and personal finance trends. Kerry is a columnist for The New York Times, a contributing writer for Money magazine, a contributing editor at Forbesmagazine, and the Second Verse columnist at She is also AARP’s Job Expert and the Great Jobs for Retirees columnist at

Kerry is the author of the gold‐medal award-winning What’s Next? Finding Your Passion and Your Dream Job in Your Forties, Fifties and Beyond, which USA Today hailed as “a road map for those striking out on their own.”

Kerry’s book, AARP’s Great Jobs for Everyone 50+: Finding Work that Keeps You Happy and Healthy … and Pays the Bills, is a national bestseller. The Wall Street Journal called it “a must read for anyone mulling what kind of work will work for you in the next phase of your life.”

Kerry has been a columnist, editor and writer for USA Today and U.S. News & World Report. Her work has also appeared in The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. She has appeared as a financial and career expert on ABC News, CBS, CNBC, NBC Nightly News, NPR, PBS and numerous radio stations nationwide.

If you are interested in an interview with KERRY HANNON or would like more information, please contact:

Sadhika Salariya, WILEY,

Kristin Palmer, AARP,, 202-434-2560

The following files are available for download:

Sadhika Salariya
Professional Development
T 1 201 748 6782,
F 1 201 748 6817 @WileyBiz



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The how-to guide to finding profitable, fulfilling work after 50

The how-to guide to finding profitable, fulfilling work after 50 Aimed at workers aged 50+ looking for a new job—whether they have been laid off or taken early retirement, need supplemental income, or want to pursue an encore career—Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ is the definitive guide to finding lasting financial security and personal and professional fulfillment. Opportunities abound—the trick is knowing where to look and what to expect. Whether readers are interested in trying jobs they’ve long dreamed of doing, or just want something with flexible hours that brings in a little extra income, this book covers all the options.

As Americans live longer and healthier lives, the desire to work longer—for the income, the mental engagement, or the chance to give back—has grown. But there is little guidance for the 50+ crowd looking for work and few role models who’ve blazed a path. In Great Jobs for Everyone 50+, author and personal finance, retirement, and career transitions expert Kerry Hannon shows the way, with compelling stories from people who’ve been there. Presenting the nitty-gritty details of available job opportunities, wages to expect, typical hours, and the qualifications and savvy needed to get hired, the book is loaded with practical advice on how to prepare both professionally and financially to start out on a new adventure.

  • Shows where the best opportunities for new employment lie
  • Helps readers find profitable and rewarding jobs to save for retirement
  • Understands that different workers want different things from their jobs and shows how to cast a wide net to find an opportunity that fits
  • Provides incredible insights into working after 50 from Kerry Hannon, a nationally renowned expert in personal finance, retirement, and career transitions

Motivational, inspirational, and thoroughly practical, Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ explains how to find part-time, temporary, work-at-home, or seasonal employment in profitable, rewarding jobs.


“It’s not enough anymore to know what you want to be when you grow up. You also need to think about what you want to do next, and after that, and then during retirement, too. Fortunately, a thick brainstorm of a book by Kerry Hannon, Great Jobs for Everyone 50+, can help job-seeking baby boomers — and those right on their heels — find work that, as the subtitle puts it, keeps them happy, healthy and able to pay the bills…. It’s a lot of ground to cover, but Hannon’s practical, empowering book is an all-encompassing career resource for older workers in a variety of life situations.”—USA Today

“Whether you need help deciding what to do next, pursuing your dream encore career, or landing a job that will pay the bills, Kerry Hannon’s Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ is the place to start.” —Jane Pauley, host of Your Life Calling on NBC’s Today show

“In this invaluable book, Kerry Hannon—our most gifted guide to making the most of work in the second half of life—shows how we can create genuine virtue out of working longer, and she does so in a way that is consistently engaging, packed with compelling stories, and leavened by wise and pragmatic counsel. For all those in search of means and meaning, the book is destined to become the definitive volume on jobs after 50.” —Marc Freedman, founder and CEO of, author of The Big Shift: Navigating the New Stage Beyond Midlife, and dubbed “the voice of aging baby boomers” by The New York Times

“Kerry Hannon has written an incredibly useful, smart book for the 50+ job-seeker. It’s full of terrific new career ideas tailored for older workers in a wide array of life situations, and offers very specific job-hunting advice—right down to the correct font to use on a resume. Kerry’s friendly, supportive voice and personal anecdotes make this book a pleasure to read.” —Mark Miller, Reuters retirement columnist and author of The Hard Times Guide to Retirement Security

Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ should be required reading for everyone turning 49 . . . 59 . . . and 69. It provides a perfect combination of up-to-the-minute resources and tried-and-true principles. I talk to hundreds of people each year about their next job, and this book is #1 on my recommended reading list.” —Betsy Werley, Executive Director of The Transition Network

“Kerry Hannon presents a treasure chest of job ideas and spot-on practical advice for anyone considering a job change later in life. She combines real-life examples with in-depth knowledge. Whether you are launching a second career later in life or just interested in a ‘bridge’ job to fill the gap between career employment and complete retirement, Kerry skillfully presents the dos and don’ts of making a job change. Not only is Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ a road map for a successful transition to retirement, but it is also a stimulating read and gets those wheels turning!” —Kevin E. Cahill, PhD, Research Economist, The Sloan Center on Aging & Work at Boston College

“A terrific book filled with information on jobs you’ve never considered and advice you will use.” —Nicholas Lore, bestselling author of The Pathfinder: How to Choose or Change Your Career for a Lifetime of Satisfaction and Success

“If you’re feeling lost or you’ve given up on your job search, Kerry’s new book is required reading. It will help you gain confidence in yourself while showing you different job opportunities and how to get them so that you can bounce back.”—Dan Schawbel, author of Me 2.0 and founder of Millennial Branding

“Kerry Hannon has inspired and educated millions of readers on what it takes to successfully change careers. Here she describes in depth everything you need to know to find and make a successful transition to your next job. This book can truly change your life!” —Gerri Detweiler, credit expert and talk show host

“With her new book, Kerry Hannon offers not merely how-to information, but also inspiration. The book’s stunning range of job opportunities—many intriguing and some you’ve likely never heard of—along with its great personal stories and no-nonsense advice at every page-turn will tell you this may not be easy, but finding a paying and maybe even purposeful niche for yourself is definitely possible. Great Jobs for Everyone 50+ will prime your motivation and point the way to applying with success.” —Paul Kleyman, director of Elders Newsbeat,

“A fascinating and extremely helpful book for anyone planning to switch careers-from one of the nation’s leading experts on the subject.” Richard Eisenberg,, Finance

“Kerry Hannon is one of the best and most experienced personal finance writers in the country.” Ray Goldbacher, Money Editor, USA

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“More and more people have realized the importance of following their passions. But if you can’t make money at it, it’s your hobby. Follow Hannon’s road-map to make sure you’re on the way to a passionate—and prosperous—career.” Jean Chatzky, financial editor of NBC’s Today Show

Reinvent your own career or pursue a long-held dream.

You may never have a better chance or reason to do so—to get excited about work again and feel passionate about making a difference in the world.

Your new career could easily outlast your first one.

Breaking into a new industry or pursuing a different career can be intimidating, especially when you’ve built up years of experience in your current field. But jobs expert Kerry Hannon believes that you can start your next act at any age. In What’s Next? Hannon shows you how, with inspiring real-life profiles of people who have successfully changed careers midlife, as well as advice on:

  • Determining how your next career will work with your spending habits and family situation
  • Creating your transition network
  • Finding a mentor to guide you along your new path
  • Turning a hobby into a profit
  • Finding capital to start your own business

Whether you’re fantasizing about a new path or ready to pursue it, What’s Next? provides the roadmap that will afford you long-term success.

“A must-read for anyone-at any age-curious about a career change. A perfect blend of inspirational, readable stories and logistical, practical advice, What’s Next? walks you though the nuts and bolts of switching careers so you can follow your passion the smart way and set yourself up for a long-term success. ) if I didn’t love my career so much, this book would be my bible!)” Beth Kobliner, Author of Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties.

“Hannon’s engaging profiles reflect the passion of those who have chosen to take a different path with their lives while her practical, how-to advice will make the journey smoother for others who are still summoning up the courage to take that leap of faith.” –Tim Smart, Executive Editor, U.S. News & World Report

“Kerry Hannon introduces us to people who are making a success in their second and third careers – doing what they want to do. Hannon provides their testimony and resources for us all to use in the next phase of our work lives. Whether it’s making chocolate, or running a homeless shelter, the message is: if you want to be more fulfilled, you can be. An essential roadmap and guidebook, full of great ideas.” Jim Connor, Assistant Managing Editor, CNBC Business News

“Whether your motivation is a recent downsizing or a lifelong dream, Hannon’s book is dotted with things to look at before you leap…useful advice for those who want to retool themselves after age 40…peppered with ideas… gives the basics on careers that best lend themselves to starting again.” USA TODAY

“Hannon has crafted her research on career transition into an important new book. It’s an indispensable guide to anyone hoping to pull off a midlife reinvention.” –The Huffington Post

“One of the best in this genre is by journalist and financial advisor Kerry Hannon – who offers specific and practical advice as well as inspiring stories to help anyone thinking about changing careers.” – AARP Radio

“Hannon provides practical advice on landing the job of your dreams.” –AARP/Your Life Calling with Jane Pauley, The Today Show

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