What’s Next?

WHAT’S YOUR DREAM JOB? Filled with inspiring stories from people who have changed careers mid-life, What’s Next? is an exciting roadmap for anyone looking to make their next job their dream job.

From a former mortgage banker who’s back in the classroom to a tough cop turned Nashville music agent, these in-depth testimonials offer encouragement and advice-and prove that it’s possible to pursue your passion.

What’s Next? offers those seeking a more fulfilling path the tools to get started and the inspiration to do it.

Journalist and award-winning author Kerry Hannon, a leading authority on career transitions, retirement, and personal finance, shows you how to manage your money and career with confidence. Whether you’re new to saving and investing, planning for retirement or retired, gearing up for a second act, or coping with a heavy debt load, her books and articles provide the tools you need.



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Category: Business/Career/ Sales

Bronze : What’s Next? Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job, by Kerry Hannon (Chronicle Books)

Category: Career (job search, career advancement)
Bronze: What’s Next? Follow Your Passion and Find Your Dream Job, by Kerry Hannon (Chronicle Books)



“A  fascinating and extremely helpful book for anyone planning to switch  careers-from one of the nation’s leading experts on the subject.”

Richard Eisenberg, Yahoo.com, Finance


“Kerry Hannon is one of the best and most experienced personal finance writers in the country.”

Ray Goldbacher, Money Editor, USA Today.com


“More  and more people have realized the importance of following their  passions. But if you can’t make money at it, it’s your hobby. Follow  Hannon’s road-map to make sure you’re on the way to a passionate—and  prosperous—career.”

Jean Chatzky, Best-selling Author Money 911, The Today Show

“A  must-read for anyone-at any age-curious about a career change. A  perfect blend of inspirational, readable stories and logistical,  practical advice, What’s Next? walks you though the nuts and bolts of  switching careers so you can follow your passion the smart way and set  yourself up for a long-term success. ) if I didn’t love my career so  much, this book would be my bible!)”

Beth Kobliner, Author of Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties.

“Hannon’s  engaging profiles reflect the passion of those who have chosen to take a  different path with their lives while her practical,  how-to advice  will make the journey smoother for others who are still  summoning up  the courage to take that leap of faith.”

Tim Smart, Executive Editor, U.S. News & World Report

“Kerry  Hannon introduces us to people who are making a success in their second  and third careers – doing what they want to do. Hannon provides their  testimony and resources for us all to use in the next  phase of our work  lives. Whether it’s making chocolate, or running a  homeless shelter,  the message is: if you want to be more fulfilled,  you can be. An  essential roadmap and guidebook, full of great ideas.” Jim Connor, Assistant Managing Editor, CNBC Business News


“Whether  your motivation is a recent downsizing or a lifelong dream, Hannon’s  book is dotted with things to look at before you leap…useful advice  for those who want to retool themselves after age 40…peppered with  ideas… gives the basics on careers that best lend themselves to  starting again.” USA TODAY


“Hannon has crafted her research on career transition into an  important new book. It’s an indispensable guide to anyone hoping to pull  off a midlife reinvention.”

The Huffington Post


“One of the best in this genre is by journalist and financial advisor  Kerry Hannon – who offers specific and practical advice as well as  inspiring stories to help anyone thinking about changing careers.”

AARP Radio


“Hannon provides practical advice on landing the job of your dreams.”

AARP/Your Life Calling with Jane Pauley, The Today Show


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