In this podcast, Kerry talks to Tom Matt via “Boomers Rock” radio on a range of topics from women and money to job search and finding a job you love. Enjoy!

“Money Confidence”

 Kerry Hannon – Episode 610

Why should I listen to this episode?

  • Kerry Hannon knows her stuff. She is (in my humble opinion) THE nationally recognized expert and strategist on career transitions
  • Kerry shares how there’s an 80 – 90% chance that if you’re a woman, you’ll be responsible for all decisions, financial and otherwise
  • Kerry focuses on empowering yourself to do more with your career and personal finances – now and for the future.
  • Kerry is super cool and has covered all aspects of careers, and is well respected
  • Kerry is a business and personal finance as a columnist for many top publications including the New York Times, Forbes, Money, and USA Today
  • Kerry is all knowing and the award-winning author of a dozen books
  • Kerry always delivers great information

Kerry’s ‘Money Confidence: Really Smart Financial Moves for Newly Single Women’ is greatness!


Please listen to Tom Matt’s ‘Boomers Rock’ radio talk show, show 9, season 7 syndicated all over Michigan on the Michigan Talk Network, Michigan State Universities 94.5 FM and AM 870 WKARthe Spartan Sports Network SSN/24-7 website (get the app Spartan Fans), and of course  ITunes .

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