Getting-the-Job-You-Want-Book-Cover1Finding your dream job after 50 would be terrific. “Pursue your passion” sounds like great advice until you pause to think about it and realize that you have no idea what your passion is or how to get started. Here are some suggestions to ease you into those first steps:

  • Find a place to start. Make a list of what you want in the next phase of your career. Don’t look for a perfect path or ideal starting point.
  • Get things moving by taking small steps. One small step may be calling someone who works in a field that appeals to you to discuss possibilities.
  • Silence your inner enemy. Stop the negative self-talk. You got this.
  • Ask the basic questions. Dig deeper and get a clearer picture of what you truly want in your life and your options to get there.
  • Keep a journal. Journaling is a great way to map your new career direction.
  • Get a business card. A business card for what you want to do helps you to start moving in that direction.
  • Have a mental picture of where you want to go. Tape a photograph or collage to your office wall that represents what your new work life will look like.
  • Be practical. You may need to upgrade your skills and education, but take one class at a time.
  • Be a volunteer. Check out volunteer opportunities to test the waters.
  • Get your life in order. Get physically and financially fit. Strive to become more nimble.

From Getting the Job You Want After 50 For Dummies

Author Kerry Hannon Photo by Cliff Hackel
Author Kerry Hannon
Photo by Cliff Hackel

By Kerry Hannon

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