radioFor increasing numbers of workers, a lifetime of work with a small number of stable employers has given way to a succession of relatively short employment, freelance, or entrepreneurial engagements. In this episode, host Dave Goldberg interviews columnist and author Kerry Hannon to talk about the challenges of finding and loving your job in a rapidly changing work landscape. Kerry is author of many books on work-related topics including the critically acclaimed “Love Your Job” published in March 2015. Join Kerry and Dave for a lively examination of ways to find meaning and happiness in your work today. Also join the conversation to consider how lessons from the new world of work may be useful in helping to transform education at all levels.

November 2, 2015 Hosted by David E. Goldberg

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Guest Detail

Kerry Hannon

Kerry Hannon is a nationally recognized authority on career transitions and retirement and a frequent TV and radio commentator who speaks about and offers advice on career and personal finance trends. She is the author of the gold‐medal award–winning “What’s Next? Finding Your Passion and Your Dream Job in Your Forties, Fifties and Beyond”, which USA Today hailed as “a road map for those striking out on their own.” She has spent more than two decades covering all aspects of business and personal finance as a columnist, editor, and writer for the nation’s leading media companies, including Forbes, The New York Times, Money, U.S. News & World Report, and USA Today. Kerry’s latest books are, “Love Your Job: The New Rules for Career Happiness” and “Getting the Job You Want After 50 For Dummies”.

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