downloadOur country is growing ever grayer as baby boomers age in large numbers. A massive study at Emory University that takes an in-depth look at the aging process is underway. Emory hopes to bring together 100,000 people to study physical and mental health, sickness, and other factors that affect the elderly. We sit down with university researcher Michele Marcus to learn a little bit more about the study and what they hope to uncover.

My segment starts at 14:00. Click here to listen: Listen Listening…47:26
Then, we tackle the thorny issue of retirement, which many Americans are struggling to prepare for. Depending on lifestyle, health, and living situation, retirement can present a big hurdle for many people who are just getting by while still in the workforce. And despite the importance of saving, half of older Americans have little to no money put away for their golden years. We talk with two economic experts about the necessary steps to ensure a meaningful retirement: financial author Kerry Hannon and senior “Marketplace” correspondent Chris Farrell.

Plus, there’s one group of people who often suffer from lack of emotional and financial resources alongside the elderly: caregivers. GPB Savannah reporter Gabrielle Ware investigates a new program that offers aid and assistance to beleaguered caretakers who are looking after elderly loved ones.

And finally, the topic of nursing homes can be a difficult conversation between the elderly and their relatives. What alternatives are available for retirement age citizens who may not be ready to enter a traditional care home? We speak with Beth Baker, author of “With A Little Help From Our Friends: Creating Community As We Grow Older,” and Susan Ryan, director of the Green House Project, about some interesting alternative living option

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