Listen to Kerry on CoSozo

“During tonight’s show with my friend Kerry Hannon, we have a great dialogue about the big “HOW”!

And what should I do now?

We should celebrate other people and relish their accomplishments, we need to enjoy more moments and not worry so much.  I think, and I know Kerry does as well, that wasting precious energy is a drag on our karma.

Rejoice in building the bridge of completeness and cooperation.  Build your network of good souls who can help make the transition easier, or maybe you help someone else make their transition, it really enhances our life energy either way.  Become and build resiliency, become a beacon of hope, and a rallying point for others to look up to and respect.

We can all learn from each other, Kerry was enjoying the graduation circuit and the wisdom, energy, and excitement that new graduates and elder sages bring to the commencement celebration.

Life is good, and then it can get better!

You can contact Kerry, read more of her work at her profile page on CoSozo and of course you can always contact me at


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