imagesIf You’re Nearing Retirement
For many, retirement is a welcome chance to relax. But for others, the lure of earning extra money or simply staying engaged can mean casting about for part-time jobs. A good first step is to identify opportunities for contract work, especially in areas that are flourishing, says Kerry Hannon, AARP’s career expert and the author oGreat Jobs for Everyone 50+. Take health care: “One job I love is patient advocate,” she says. “If you’ve been in the medical field or have a good grasp on personal finances, you can help clients navigate the health care system for up to $50 an hour.”

And small businesses and nonprofits often need a range of services, from bookkeeping to human resources. “Tons of businesses can’t afford to have a book­keeper full time,” says Hannon. “They’d love to have someone who can helicopter in for one week a month or so.” —BILL HEWITT

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