Here are 10 tips to negotiate the emotional aspects of retirement:

Soul search. Do a self-assessment that examines your values and strengths, and pinpoint goals, hopes and dreams. List the things you have not had time for, things you like to do, events you would like to attend, places you would like to visit. What are your skills and how might you want to use them?

Build a basket of activities. These can include volunteering, part-time work, philanthropic efforts, entrepreneurial quests and artistic pastimes. Join or start an activity group, for example, one that takes regular dog walks, hikes or bike rides. If you’re politically inclined, get involved. Join a book group. The payoff: You get out of your head and into the world to meet new people.

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Pursue lifelong learning. There are a growing number of educational outlets for adults such as Osher Lifelong Learning Institutes, community colleges and adult education centers. Sign up for a lecture series. When you begin to learn new things, your mind shifts. It’s energized.

Reconnect with an old passion. Was there a hobby or sport that you loved as a child but had to set aside? This is a time to circle back to it. Perhaps it was sewing, bowling, riding horses, or photography. Give yourself permission to be in love with it again.
Work with younger generations. The real fountain of youth is the fountain with youth, according to Marc Freedman, founder of Find ways to connect with younger generations through mentoring, tutoring or coaching.
Develop a curious list. “Write a list of 20 or 30 things you are curious about and put it on the fridge,” recommends Robert Laura, a retirement coach and founder of the Retirement Coaches Association, “When you’re curious, it fosters motivation.”
Consider who you want in your life. Build a cadre of positive and energetic people. And ask yourself — would someone put you on their list?

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Get physically fit. An exercise regimen of some type and eating with an eye to nutrition will help you live a healthier life and can provide a mental and psychic boost.

Find a path to inner balance. A mindfulness practice, meditation, yoga and tai chi, for example, can provide a source of inner balance and calm to help you navigate what can be a stressful life passage.

Have an open mind. This is a fresh trail. People get hooked on schedules and going, going, going. Give yourself the quiet time to allow creativity and unexpected ideas to bubble up.
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