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I invite you to watch and learn from this Career Transition Roadmap Webinar I presented to Duke University alumni. Below is a worksheet you might follow to get the inspiration you need to get started.

It was offered as part of Duke’s series of Career & Professional Development Alumni Career Webinars!

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Changing careers can be challenging, and scary. The key to success is to be prepared and resilient. I designed this webinar to help you take concrete steps toward building a career you love.

Career transition is a process. No rash moves. Don’t get hung up on the daunting thought

that you’re reinventing your career. You’re redeploying your skills.

If you’re pondering a shift to launching your own business, check out my latest book: Never Too Old To Get Rich: The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Starting a Business Mid-Life.


D u k e A l u m n i W e b i n a r

Soul searching:

My strengths and skills are: __________________________________

My passions are: __________________________________________

I am curious about: ________________________________________

I want to leave behind: _____________________________________

Activities I loved as a child:




What are my career change motivations?

Full-time income

Part-time income

Work with meaning

Flexible lifestyle

Take hobby to next level

Be my own boss

Be part of a team

Be creative

Develop new skills

Work on issues that matters to me

Career ideas on my mind:





Contacts in field(s) of interest:





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