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 ‘Tis the season for retirees to earn a little extra money on the side. Here’s how.
Getting hired during the holiday season can be easier than finding work at other times of the year. That’s a big boost to retirees who are interested in earning some extra cash and staying active without committing to a full-time return to the labor force. The retail industry, in particular, is a major source of employment. This year, retailers are expected to hire the most holiday workers since 2007 to fill openings at stores, distribution centers and credit operations, according to global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas.Opportunities exist for a variety of positions including gift wrappers, salespeople, shipping clerks and call center reps. Try these six steps to landing a great holiday job to find employment that’s well suited to your skills and interests.

  1. Stop by for a face-to-face. Many retailers offer online applications, but it’s best to meet the manager in person.
  2. Offer future help. If you think you might want to extend your hours after the holidays, or be willing to work during other hectic times of the year, tell the manager during the interview. It could sway the job your way, since employers are looking for ways to trim the cost of future hiring and training.
  3. Be flexible. Holiday jobs mean adding and cutting hours at a drop of the hat, depending on the ebb and flow of demand during peak periods.
  4. Network. Kick off your job search by checking with friends already working in places that typically add holiday workers.
  5. Go where they know you. Check for openings at establishments where you are an existing customer.
  6. Don’t wait for a help-wanted sign. If there are shops or restaurants where you’d like to work, drop by during an off-peak time and meet the manager or assistant manager.
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