I am delighted to be a featured expert at the Age Without Borders Virtual Summit, an amazing global gathering of more than 50 speakers from the USA, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Tasmania, Russia, South Africa, Iceland and the tiny islands of Malta, Tasmania and Mauritius sharing insights on health, travel, finance, aging in place, purposeful aging, lifelong learning and technology.

The AWB Summit is Free to register for a Daily Pass- allowing daily access.

In this seven-day online conference you’ll discover:

  • Tips for boosting your mental health
  • Innovations in technology
  • Opportunities for business for 50+
  • Openings for traveling worldwide on a budget
  • Guidance on finance, housing and aging in place
  • News from global leaders on innovations, policies and programs
  • Pathways to lifelong learning
  • Pursuits that amplify passion and purpose
  • Understanding ageism and what to do about it

The Summit has brought together 55 of the world’s most influential experts in the aging revolution to show you how to stay mentally and physically healthy, join the encore entrepreneur boom, re-think your paradigms about aging and get tech savvy.

Speakers include world Leaders from the United Nations, UNESCO, U3A, Encore.org, NCOA, Milken Institute, Institute for the Future, Conscious Elders and ME.

Practical Experts: Technology, Memory Health, Aging in Place, Nutrition, Lifelong Learning, Entrepreneurism, Personal Assessments, Passion & Purpose, 50+ Traveling, Building a Global Network, and Ageism Activism

I will be sharing my expert advice on Day 6, Friday, March 3rd!

Photo of Kerry Hannon, author, career and personal finance expert by Elizabeth Dranitzke, Photopia

Kerry Hannon, Author, Finance Expert will discuss: “How to Launch a Successful Encore Career After 50″

What You Will Learn in This Session:

  • Learn the Three Part Fitness Plan: Financial, Physical and Spiritual
  • Find your Passion- soul searching, no rash moves!
  • Network, network, network! Redeploy and not reinvent, add new skills, try volunteering before committing.

Join me! You can get free access to watch on the 7 days when the videos are broadcast, organized by topic area.  

Click here to see the full agenda and register for a free pass. You can also upgrade to an All Access Pass for Lifetime access to over 50+ videos of  global experts, audio podcasts, custom guidebook, bonuses and more! #agewoborder

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