matt-banner_Final-150x150Our friend and nationally recognized authority, Kerry Hannon, on career transitions and retirement and a frequent TV and radio personality who talks about many topics that concern all of us, the ‘MiddleLiving’ and ‘SuperiorSenior’ demographic offers her expert advice.

This episode is titled “What to do when all you want to do is quit?” A very relevant topic which Kerry discusses with energy and juice for life.

Love Your Job Book Cover(1)Kerry’s latest book is a great book to help us all in that transitional mindset we all find ourselves at some point. Kerry will share many tips about repositioning your mindset at work, small things that can make a difference. They all add up to a quality of life improvement.

Please listen to BOOMERS ROCK RADIO with Tom Matt as we discuss-

  • Why being bored is the kiss of death at work
  • Keeping a diary and how it can help our mindset
  • Continuing education
  • Being nimble
  • Sincere compliments, how they help our workplace family
  • Dealing with generational issues
  • Celebrating co-workers successes
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By kerry